• IWEGA is since 2009 the coordinating institution of the project New Water Governance Over Water Resources for Sustainable Rural Development: Research on Social, Economic and Institutional Aspects (SAFeWater ARISE). 2007-11.

  • Assessing and testing water allocation for catchment management strategies in South Africa. A collaborative project between AWARD South Africa, UMR G Eau, CEEPA and IWEGA. 2008-10.
    Intermediate Report
    Paper Presented at ISAGA 2009
    Poster WAG
    Website Wat A Game

  • Water governance decentralization in Africa: a framework for reform process and performance analysis. 2010-13.

  • CPWF LIMPOPO L4: Basin Development Challenges of the CPWF; CPWF-L4: Water Governance in the Limpopo Basin. 2011-2014.
  • Project Synthesis

      IWEGA collaborates as a partner in the following projects


International Center for Water Economics and Governance in Africa
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