Advisory Board and Staff

IWEGA International Advisory Board

Dr. Hilmy Sally (Independent Water Management Research & Development Consultant, Colombo) - Chair

Dr. Gerhard Backeberg (WRC, Pretoria)

Dr. Pierre Fabre (Scientific Directorate CIRAD ES, Montpellier)

Mrs. Sizani Moshidi (DWA South Africa, Pretoria)

Prof. Emilio Tost„o (UEM, Faculty of Agriculture, Maputo)

Prof. Ariel Dinar (Water Science and Policy Center, UCR - Riverside, California)
Dr. Brian DíSilva (USAID Africa, Washington DC)

Prof. Rashid Hassan (CEEPA, University of Pretoria)
Dr. Patrick O Oloo (Kenyan Water Agency, Nairobi)
Dr. Suzana Saranga Loforte (Mozambican National Directorate of Water, Maputo)

Prof. F Mucavele (UEM Ex officio)
Prof. S Farolfi (CIRAD Ex officio)

IWEGA Staff Members

Executive Directorate:
Prof. Firmino Mucavele (General Director)
Prof. Stefano Farolfi (Scientific Director)

Associate Researchers:
Prof. Joao Enganado Mutondo
Prof. Prof. Emilio Tostao
Prof. RaphaŽlle Ducrot

International Center for Water Economics and Governance in Africa
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