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Over the past decade demand for competent knowledge and professional skills in the field of water economics and governance to assist with design and implementation of appropriate water management and policy measures has been steadily increasing in the eastern and southern Africa region as well as in other parts of the continent. The need to take into account issues such as efficiency, equity and environmental health when designing and implementing IWRM requires considerable strengthening of existing regional capacity in this field, hence the importance of relevant degree and non-degree training for improved water policy and management decision-making.

No other institution in Africa provides a fully specialized research and training program on water economics and governance. This provided a strong motivation for the establishment of an International Center for Water Economics and Governance in Africa (IWEGA) aimed at filling research and capacity building gaps in the region for this crucial domain.

IWEGA strives to achieve and provide: Specialized high quality degree and non-degree training and excellence in research in the field of water economics and governance; Increased awareness among water managers, planners and policy makers in public and private sectors of the role of water economics and governance in the design and implementation of policies for sustainable water resource use and development; Increased collaboration and exchange of experiences for cross-fertilization, augmentation of capacity and reduced professional isolation of peer academics in regional universities.

International Center for Water Economics and Governance in Africa
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